Time to Replace Wooden Roofs, Consider Solar Panels

On July 1, 2013, just 15 months from now, all roof coverings in Beverly Hills must meet Class A fire retardant standards.

Owners of homes and buildings covered with wood roofs are urged to begin the process of replacing their roofs in order to meet the deadline.

With SoCal Edison facing summer power shortages due to San Onofre nuclear power plant problems, property owners may also consider installing roofotp solar panels to boost local power supplies.  Learn about tax incentives and rebates and receive up to 33% group discount by requesting a free rooftop assessment before April 30, 2012 at

Two decades ago, the City of Beverly Hills enacted an ordinance requiring all new roofs to be fire-retardant or to have Class A roof assemblies. A dry climate, seasonal winds and topography make the City vulnerable to devastating brush fires, and the ordinance was designed to protect the lives and property of Beverly Hills residents.

In 2007, a brush fire ripped through Franklin Canyon and sent flying embers to nest in the wood rooftops of three Beverly Hills homes, which suffered significant damage. Following the fire the City added specific requirements prohibiting any wood roof coverings in the city.

For more information about the roofing ordinance, click here or call the Division of Building and Safety Department at 310-285-1141 or the Fire Department at 310-281-2700.

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