Saving the City of Beverly Hills over $250,000 a Year!

Saving the City of Beverly Hills over $250,000 a Year!

These aren't my numbers, these are LA County and SoCal Edison's estimates.


The solar maps we have researched indicate that there is a solar potential of over 700kW on the Library, the Police Station and adjacent buildings and parking structures, which would pencil out in over a quarter million dollars in annual savings!


The total rooftop estimate is just that - it is an estimate and upon a solar assessment, the exact photovaltaic (PV) production potential can be calculated.

What is in Beverly Hill's favor at this time is that PermaCity, a Los Angeles Based Solar Installer recently teamed up with the community group Open Neighborhoods for the LA County 1MG Solar Challenge and is offering free assessments and have been one of the top installers in the region including the installation of car port shade structures using solar. PermaCity has expertise in residential, commercial and Government which is a great fit for these and other municipal buildings.


Mayor Brucker:

Interestingly, at a recent Edison energy workshop where dozens of local solar interested residents participated, Mayor Brucker mentioned he had recently gone solar. This news comes on the heels of the recent Economic Sustainability Plan put forth by City Manager, Jeffrey Kolin who spells out some great programs and priorities for the period of 2011-2015.

The Community Solar Group Buying program launched in LA County by Open Neighborhoods provides a much reduced rate and is now available in Beverly Hills.


Saving Now:

With a vision toward tomorrow, the city of Beverly Hills has a tremendous opportunity to learn of the solar potential right on their municipally owned properties. Much like other large property owners, they have some of the greatest to gain in solar adoption.



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